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These images have been judged by my peers in online photo challenges with a high degree of success. Based on voting, entries (up to four images per challenge) fall into one of six categories; unclassified, Popular, Skilled, Premier, Elite and All Star.

I've created two galleries of Photographer's Picks, All Star and Elite, with photos that have earned at least 25% of the votes needed to reach that level all by themselves. Because the votes necessary for achieving different levels has changed over time, I've listed my images in order of votes received stated as a percentage.

All Star Images

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28 photos
Created 23-Mar-17
Modified 23-Mar-17
All Star Images

Elite Images

Visitors 105
63 photos
Created 26-Jan-17
Modified 26-Jan-17
Elite Images

Some of My Favorites

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19 photos
Created 22-Jul-17
Modified 22-Jul-17
Some of My Favorites