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I've started playing Photo Bingo to improve my photography skills, build my image portfolio, and promote Bloomsations and More, all while having fun.

I start by selecting a general photographic topic of interest, like things to shoot in a city or scenes of nature. Then I ask for suggestions of specific things to photograph in my theme. Each idea I like gets added to a space on a Bingo card.

While the card fills, my part in the game is to capture great photographic images of each subject on the card. As I ‘play’ through a card, I’ll create galleries here for the images I take of each subject.

Close-ups of Architectural Features

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Created 28-Mar-14
Modified 28-Mar-14
Close-ups of Architectural Features

People at the Train Station

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Created 4-May-14
Modified 4-May-14
People at the Train Station