Index of Topics

Want to know a little about the topics covered in Frames of Life?  Just scan the list below and then check out the sections you want to peruse.


Apertures - In these posts, I'll let you look inside my life as a person and a photographer and perhaps what you see in the light will help explain why I take the images I do.

Blown Highlights - There are always some bright moments in the life of a photographer and I'll focus on some of mine in these posts.

Bokeh - Here I'll be focusing on the background about how some of my favorite shots came to be.

FotoLand Friends - When you engage in an activity, you start making friends and acquaintences in that field.  That's certainly been true for me and with each post in FotoLand Friends, I'll introduce you to the photographic work of someone I know.

Impressive Images - I can't imagine how many billions of photographic images must have been taken but there are some I come across that are too special for my eyes only so I'll be sharing them here.

Memory Card - Where would we be if our 'memory card' wasn't working properly?  The memories our brains hold for us to review can be painful but they can also be the most fantastic events of our life and treasures to recall.  In these posts, I'll share some of both.

Tips and Tricks - I have lots to learn about photography and in these posts, we'll learn together.  I'll research and find some photo tips you and I can both try and we'll compare the results.

Window Shopping - Who doesn't love to window shop and with posts in this category, you may not even be tempted to buy…but I can't guarantee that.  Each post will feature one or more images from my portfolio and there's no telling what you'll learn.