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Created 29-Nov-15
20 photos

In explaining his online challenge, Playing with Light, Tom Bourdon wrote, "Photography is all about the light." He went on to say how he was personally drawn to scenes where the subject is highlighted because it shows just how light can be used to produce great images. Hope you find some of these shots of mine great.
SunsetOskar SchindlerOrchid EuphoriaTrack and ForthUntitled (send me a suggestion)Limousine LookLeafy HazeUntitled (got ideas?)Texture EyezdTwo DirectionsFalling in LoveRaised on the HoodCapitol RadianceUntitled (have an idea?)Shot of Color on the RocksUntitled (send me your ideas)Untitled (anyone got an idea?)Wedding WindowsUntitled (ideas anyone?)Untitled (share your idea)

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