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Created 19-Jan-15
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When I started shooting these images of shopping carts, I was asked by a couple of staff members at the store, why I was taking pictures. I recall saying something like, "Because they're interesting" but I don't think they believed me. Looking back, I can imagine all kinds of things they could have thought about me but I didn't find it strange at all that I'd want to capture images that showcased color, line, design, and shape, but then I'm a photographer.

As you browse through the gallery, feel free to think of titles for the numbered shots and leave a comment with your idea.
IMG_17577-edtd2IMG_17584Graduation DayIMG_17587IMG_17581IMG_17590-edtdIMG_17592IMG_17594-edtd3IMG_17578-edtd2IMG_17579Some from Column C

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