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Created 17-Apr-16
20 photos

While my wife and I were enjoying our 2013 stay at the Capistrano SurfSide Inn in California, I made a startling discover. By getting up close to a subject, that would be normally easy to identify, I found I could isolate a number of different patterns within the whole making for some intriguing images, which you'll see in this gallery.
Untitled (but that could change)Untitled (at this moment)Glas MaraUntitled (not forever though)Untitled (are you thinking of one)Untitled (go ahead a suggest one)Untitled (like to try suggesting one)Untitled (needs to be named)Untitled (got an idea)Untitled (open to your idea)Untitled (don't keep it nameless)Untitled (who has an idea)Untitled (I'm looking for a title)Untitled (this wants a name)Untitled (try me with your idea)Untitled (your idea could be it)Untitled (come up with a title)Glass UniverseEye of the Color StormStreams of Color

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