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Created 9-May-18
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Color is all around us, but how much do we notice? That was the lead sentence of a recent National Geographic Your Shot assignment. I had intended to submit work for consideration but didn’t keep track of the deadline and missed my chance at getting published again.

As the editor of the assignment said, “The possibilities are endless”, and that’s certainly what I found compiling potential images for submission. As you might have guessed, the shots you’ll see in this gallery are those I thought of for this assignment.

Can You Help?

Not all of these photos are titled and, since I think a great title is an integral part of the photo, I'm always looking for creative ideas for the ones marked only with an 'Image #'. If you want to take a shot at successfully completing an image, check out this page to get a sense of what type of titles strike my fancy.
Art of ShoppingClematis Looking at UsDisappearing BlueGem in the GardenImage # 4938Image # 24316Image #2720Image #9359Image #9825Image #10024Image #18548Image #20349Image #20728Image #23076Image #23123Image #23167Image #24024Image #24040Image #28348Image #28354

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