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Created 27-Oct-17
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National Geographic’s Your Shot launched an assignment in September 2017, that grabbed my attention because it’s focus was on things I love to capture in my photography. They asked for images featuring creative uses of lines, interesting textures, and patterns that stood out to viewers. They were also open to the rare case where all three of these elements were captured in the same photo.

I submitted four of my images and when I received word in October 2017 that the story had been published, realized I had not been selected as a contributor. It was a fun process though and gave me a chance to review my portfolio for potential shots, which is how this gallery came to be. The first four photos were submitted to the editor in charge of the story and the others were considered but didn’t make my cut. Hope you enjoy your trip through these images.

To see the beautiful images that became part of the finished story or to read the story itself, click here.
Hanging OutUntitled (name me please!)IMG_2722IMG_4706Forever MysteriousIMG_4938Wedding WindowsIMG_7679Glas MaraIMG_19083IMG_21775IMG_22003IMG_22347IMG_22352IMG_22900IMG_23399IMG_23842IMG_23948IMG_25462IMG_28397

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