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Created 29-Aug-15
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When this challenge was promoted as one "for all natural photos straight from the camera", I was excited to enter. Since many of my images entered in other challenges have been compared against post processed shots, this was my chance to be on a more even field and I looked forward to it. The challenge instructions ended by saying, "There is no special theme so any image goes as long as it is not post processed." No special theme...that sure describes my entries, and those that I chose not to enter, all of which are here for your enjoyment.

Voting Results: On 8/29/15, after almost 20 days of voting and with less than 38 hours before the challenge ended, my images received enough votes to reach the All Star level, which is the highest of five. The results you'll see for each photo are expressed as a percentage of the number of votes needed to reach the All Star level.

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Carrot TummySolitary DriverUntitled (got a suggestion?)Eye of the Color StormCurve AppealRocks and A Hard Place

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