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Created 13-Jul-15
28 photos

How are All Stars Made?

Gurushots hosts online photo challenges voted on by other photographers in the community. In a challenge, photographers are allowed to enter four shots and the total vote count for the four determines which of five levels they achieve. All Star is the highest level and each of the images in this gallery earned at least 25% of the votes needed to reach that level all by themselves. Feel free to 'vote' for your favorite by leaving a comment and sharing the image you select (or the whole album) is ok too.

Images are in order of votes received, highest to lowest, and are expressed as a percentage of the All Star Challenge they competed in.

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Streams of ColorEye of the Color StormCarrot TummyCurve  AppealWind TherapyUntitled (willing to consider your suggestion)One for the RoadBeauty by DesignUntitled (but looking for a name)Disappearing BluePier ReviewGotham City BeautiesSniff SniffLounge Chair for TwoRocked and LoadedSunsetUntitled (care to suggest a name)Initially MineWedding WindowsSomewhere My Road

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