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Created 6-Sep-15
17 photos

What is The Perfect Duo? Images of two items, persons, animals, plants or anything else that can be paired up. That was the challenge issued and I jumped at the chance to see how my images could do. Here are my photos entered plus those considered that didn't make it into the challenge. Which are your three favorite?

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Gotham City BeautiesLounge Chair for TwoUntitled (propose a name?)Ever VigilantYoung LoveUntitled (what would you call it?)Up Against a WallUntitled (give naming it a try)Untitled (put forward a suggestion)Untitled (suggest a title)Untitled (try your hand at naming it)Untitled (can you help with a name?)Untitled (try naming it)Untitled (take a shot at naming it)Goat Down PillowUntitled (give naming it a try)Untitled (someone name the photo)

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