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Created 15-Aug-15
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Remarkables: Free Captioned Images - Clever Social Media Comments

You're reading something that a friend (or complete stranger) posted to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., and you think it's the greatest thing you've seen on the internet in the last 10 minutes. You're dying (hopefully just a figure of speech) to leave a comment but you know your best words just won't communicate the depth of your wonderment at their post. What can be done?

Use one of our ready-made, cleverly captioned photos and your comment will probably get more likes than the original post. Ok, so that's unlikely to happen, but Bloomsations and More will get some free advertising and the captioned photos are cute. Here's the process...
  • Download your favorite(s) for Free
  • Add one as your comment on Social Media
  • Receive fame (?) for your cute comment
You're welcome to share these captioned photos with friends and family and there's no limit to how many times they can be used. And feel free to send us a link to the comment...we'd love to see how our images are being used. Happy Commenting!
Pole-ish Deli - I Love this PostPole-ish Deli - What a Great Post2No Parking - I Love this PostNo Parking - What a Great PostPlastic Duck - Love this PostPlastic Duck - Great Post

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