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Created 10-Oct-16
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Summer is as much an attitude of the heart as it a season of the year so you'll find everything from images of cute little dogs to iconic surf shots and lots of cool stuff in between. The only common ground shared by each of these photos is they were all taken during the summer months. Hope you enjoy.
Untitled (always open to ideas)Untitled (unless you have the perfect one)Untitled (cute but what should I call it?)Geometric BonanzaUntitled (wanting to be named)In Over His HeadWindows to the FutureUntitled (got suggestions?)Untitled (taking ideas!)Malcolm XArt of ShoppingUntitled (think of a name while I chew)Shot of Color on the RocksTender CareUntitled (desperately needing a name)Untitled (a title would be nice)Where's the WaterUntitled (please help name me)Untitled (suggestions anyone?)Untitled (help me I'm nameless)

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