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Created 13-Nov-15
25 photos

This challenge, presented by GuruShots, could include photographs taken of Gardens no matter the season. The garden could be in our back yard or the Palace of Versailles. The images I entered were a little more local than those at the palace but I hope you'll like them just the same.

You'll notice many of the images are marked, 'Untitled'. I'm always interested in hearing suggestions you may have about naming these as yet unnamed images. Contact me or leave a comment with your idea.
Beauty by DesignGotham City BeautiesMedicine Within BordersTender CareUp Against the WallSquirrel's Eye ViewUntitled 2Untitled 4Untitled 5Untitled 6Untitled 7Untitled 8Untitled 9Untitled 10Untitled 11Untitled 12Untitled 13Untitled 14Untitled 15Untitled 16

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