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Created 6-Jul-17
5 photos

I got the idea one day, and don't ask me why, to measure 50 feet around our house in Hercules and see what types of images I could find within that radius. This gallery is a result of that experience.

The first five shots were taken in Hercules before we moved. These weren't the only ones taken within 50 feet of home so as I find others, I'll be adding them to the gallery. I'll also be adding images captured within that same 50 foot radius, at our new home in Creston, WA. It just goes to show you, there's often beauty right near your doorstep.

You'll notice all of these shots are untitled and I'm always looking for help naming them. Feel free to leave a comment with your suggestion or get in touch directly. You might also want to check out a special gallery I've created that could give you some idea of what type of name grabs my attention.

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