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Created 21-Nov-17
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As of November 2016, Lincoln County, and specifically Creston, became our new home. It's not new to me, as my sister and parents preceded me to this small town, so a lot of my images from this area have been captured in the years since the early 1980's. Hope you enjoy sightseeing the area through my photos.
And, as part of my enjoyment of the area, I've taken on the project of traveling every public road; paved, gravel, dirt or primitive; in the county and capturing what I find on film. Follow my project on Facebook at Looking at Lincoln County.
Through a Yellow HazeUntitled (got any ideas?)Untitled (feel free to suggest one)Almost HomeOne for the RoadTrack and ForthUntitled (Propose a title)Untitled (Put forward a suggestion)Staying AboardThe Telford TumbleUntitled (Can you propose a name?)Untitled (Recommend a name)AA086-07-edtd

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