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Created 12-May-16
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When I heard about an online photo challenge on looking for the best shots with 3 of something or the number 3 in some unique way, I decided to see what I could enter. The first four images were placed into the challenge and I like the others too. Which is your favorite?
Day 23 - Beads of a Patriotic ColorDay 7 - Three Beads for the Red, White, and BlueDay 17 - Green vs. Green09-0460470-R1-049-23_22Day 20 - Blue in the Middleco-IMG_12509cpy-IMG_2862-edtd3cpy-IMG_5619cpy-IMG_7461-edtdcpy-IMG_11151cpy-IMG_12009cpy-IMG_13884-edtdcpy-IMG_13965-edtd2cpy-IMG_17085cpy-IMG_18092cpy-IMG_20028-edtdcpy-IMG_20464Going with the FlowWeight Until it's OverDay 14 - Red, White & Blue Tasting

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